Project and Programme Evaluation

Project Evaluation and Programme Evaluation for Success

Training and development programme cost-benefits are being put under the microscope more than ever. That presents risks for organisational development, especially given some studies suggest that around 80% of training is not transferred to the workplace.

It is therefore vital to be able to prove how training and development provides tangible business benefits – something that many OD, L&D and HR practitioners struggle to do.

Help is at hand thanks to our internationally-recognised project evaluation and programme evaluation coaching, consulting and courses. We can help you demonstrate your project or programme’s value by way of the Return on Investment (ROI) Methodology® – it is the world’s most-used programme and project evaluation system.

Test your ROI Skills

While it can at times be tricky to evaluate organisational learning and development programmes and projects, it is definitely possible. Take our quick ROI Quiz to find out more.

Project and Programme Evaluation Coaching, Consulting and Courses

If you need focused project or programme-specific assistance, then our consultancy services, evaluation training workshops, and coaching are ideal. We are the only NZ business partner for the ROI Institute®, so apply the robust ROI Methodology® in all of our evaluation skills work. 

Our approach shows how to achieve – and prove – positive outcomes for the business through successful learning transfer. The six steps are as follows: 

  1. Start with why: Align programmes or projects with the business and understand the underlying reasons why intervention is needed.
  2. Make it feasible: Choose the best solution for improved business measures once the learning is applied in the workplace
  3. Expect success: From the outset design the project or programme to achieve the results that you want it to achieve
  4. Make it matter: Design for positive participant response and their successful learning uptake
  5. Make it stick: Design for participants to correctly apply their learning in a manner that has the most positive effect on the business
  6. Make it credible: Measuring results and calculate ROI so you can fully evaluate a project or programme

At our project evaluation and programme evaluation workshops, courses and coaching programmes you can learn how to… 

  • Translate tangible and intangible benefits into monetary values
  • Measure training and performance improvement programme contributions to the organisation’s goals
  • Choose appropriate strategies for isolating the project or programme’s effects from other influencing factors
  • Determine data collection timing and methods
  • Calculate or estimate an improvement’s value
  • Analyse data and calculate the financial ROI
  • Apply simple statistical tools to data analysis

Contact us to discover more about how to prove that your organisational learning development programme has added tangible value.