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ROI Certification Training – Become a Certified ROI Professional

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Gain a globally recognised ROI qualification for proving the value of potential and existing programmes and projects!

Proving a project or programme’s value can make the difference between it being continued – or canned!  That’s why it is vital to be able to show the tangible value – also known as return on investment / ROI – that you and your work brings to the organisation.

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Join 9,000+ ROI professionals and become a Certified ROI Professional® through the world-leading ROI Institute’s certification programme on ROI Methodology® developed by ROI & evaluation experts Drs Jack & Patti Phillips.

We are proud to be New Zealand’s only provider of the internationally recognised, world-leading ROI Certification® qualification.  Completing the qualification course will give participants the skills to…


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Prove an HR, learning, change or performance improvement project or programme’s worth

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Demonstrate the business impact and return on investment of initiatives such as quality, process improvement, organisational change, and technology implementation

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Immediately apply your new knowledge to a project or programme you are currently working on

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Enhance your career with an internationally recognised professional qualification

What you will learn

The ROI Certification® programme delivers the perfect blend of theory, personal coaching and hands-on experience for determining – and proving – how a project or programme delivers tangible value to the organisation. During the course you will learn how to:

Set foundations for success:

Develop measurable application and impact objectives.

Collect the right data:

Determine the right methods and moments for data collection and how to isolate the effects of learning pathways.

Prove how a project or programme adds value:

Apply simple statistical methods to analyse data and translate it into financial value, then use that information to further enhance the programme’s results.

Calculate ROI and explain its meaning:

Translate data into financial value and develop compelling reports and presentations for information and recommendations.

Further build on your success:

Explore ways to implement the ROI Methodology within your organisation. 

ROI Certification Training that Works for YOU

The course is designed to optimise the learning experience and enable graduates to apply their skills and knowledge immediately.

Blended Learning Approach for Excellent Results

    Your learning requirements are catered for through a combination of online learning and personal coaching.

Personal Coaching with NZ’s Leading ROI Expert

    Personal coaching with ROI Institute® partner and NZ’s ROI expert Beryl Oldham includes practical advice and solutions for your own ROI project.

Real-life Learning Customised to Your own Needs

    Participants are coached through a real-life ROI project of their choice and offered practical advice to help maximise the ROI Certification® learning experience.

On-demand Learning When and Where Works Best for You

    The ROI Certification® course’s combination of online sessions and personal coaching provides the ultimate flexibility, enabling everyone to learn at a pace – in the place – that works best for them.