iorad Tutorial Builder

The iorad Tutorial Builder makes interactive tutorials in seconds that can be shared everywhere.

Create stunningly efficient tutorials and share them instantly by simply activating iorad using the web or desktop application, complete your online process or task as normal, and it will automagically produce a customisable learning experience you can share within minutes.

Normally visualising a process online takes time but not with the iorad Tutorial Builder. It supercharges your capturing capabilities by watching what you do on screen and how you do it and then when you’re done, it gives you a suite of customisation options that lets you easily add your own finishing touches.

iorad Tutorial Builder Plans

There are three plans:

  • Individual – includes everything you need to build standard tutorials, allowing you to control your privacy settings, mask sensitive on-screen data, use automated text-to-speech, and record your own audio.
  • Team – includes advanced features like branding, premium audio, analytics, Single Sign On, and video and document export.
  • Enterprise – comes with dedicated support and everything you need to empower an organisation at scale, allowing you to unlock features like the translation module and downloadable SCORM/Sharepoint packages, which can be utilised by multiple team or department accounts.

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