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Expert LMS & Docebo Support

Implementing or upgrading a learning management system is a big step for many organisations, which is why it is vital to engage the right technology solutions partner. We offer expert LMS & Docebo support in our learning technology support offerings.

Our expert team at Complete Learning Solutions has unparalleled knowledge and experience of delivering the best solutions for the best value, resulting in outstanding outcomes for every client need and scope. This means you can count on efficient, cost-effective, and timely delivery that maximises uptime and minimises disruption.

There are many different kinds of organisational needs and desired outcomes in Docebo and other LMS projects. At every step there will be and unwavering focus on you and your requirements and successful engagement with all stakeholders – from business to technical. The resulting outcome will be a complete solution that takes technical and organisational needs into account.

An outstanding LMS support track record

We have an enviable track record of implementing and supporting learning technology systems, including Docebo LMS for all types of organisations in New Zealand, Australia, Asia Pacific and North America, including:

  • Government departments
  • NGOs
  • Banks
  • Corporates
  • Finance and insurance
  • Retail
  • Industry training organisations
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Our LMS & Docebo Technology Solutions

The Complete Learning Solutions learning technology team has a great reputation of helping organisations in NZ, Australia, the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, and North America to fully optimise their LMS and Docebo performance. View our LMS and Docebo technical services below.

Systems integration

Seamless interoperability between platforms

  • API design, integration, and testing
  • Connecting disparate / complex systems
  • Integration tooling

Docebo LMS consulting

Insightful advice and innovative solutions

  • Detailed requirements analysis
  • Expert, carefully considered advice that always keeps the big picture in mind
  • Innovative solutions

LMS implementation & beyond

Set up to empower learning excellence

  • Friendly, customer-centric, and highly personalised implementations
  • Ongoing administrative and technical support, and professional services as required

L&D Systems architecture

Elegant and robust design

  • Can deliver any size solution
  • Architecture informed by extensive knowledge and experience, in L&D and beyond
  • Globalisation-aware design

Systems support

Expert maintenance and problem solving

  • Support, troubleshooting, and issue resolution across multiple platforms
  • Continuous critical resource monitoring
  • Various levels of Support Level Agreements available

Learning analytics

Learning effectiveness insights

  • Assistance in sourcing all relevant data to drive your analytics
  • Data and expert advice to support strategic insight and outstanding tactical delivery

Software development

Resilient, scalable, dependable software

  • Cloud-native, hybrid or on-prem deployments
  • Database design, from LocalDB to data warehousing
  • Language-agnostic, pragmatic software engineering
  • Agile development process with constant feedback
  • Data security, privacy, and client data autonomy

Docebo and LMS Integration Products

In addition to our LMS and Docebo support services, we also offer a suite of LMS and Docebo support products. Below are a couple of integration project examples.

Docebo and LMS / HRIS Integration

A cloud-native solution that allows a host of different HRIS systems to seamlessly integrate with Docebo to publish and consume data.

  • Supports wide variety of organisational business rules
  • Fully automated synchronisation of HRIS to LMS user data
  • Fully automated synchronisation of qualifications / certifications with supported HRIS systems
  • Extensible solution to support various configurations
  • Provides a seamless employee learning experience
  • Support for a single integration with multiple HRIS instances

Questionbank Bulk Uploader

This client-side web application allows Docebo and other LMS users to upload specifically-formatted word documents containing bulk sets of questions and answers, directly to Questionbank. GIFT and Excel support is currently under development.

Let us know if you would like a free demonstration.

Key features and benefits of Questionbank:

  • Client-side, web-based solution that does not require any integration
  • Plug-n-play with your own users – no need to set up separate access
  • All aspects of the question/answer outputs are configurable
  • Intuitive user interface with intelligent error handling
  • Cuts down hours of manual entry to seconds of automated uploads

Our LMS Support Pledge to You

An unwavering focus on delivering successful outcomes for our clients and meeting their requirements lies at the heart of everything we do.

  • A customer-centric approach
  • Efficient, effective, and timely delivery
  • Maximised uptime, minimised disruption
  • Cost-effective results
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Successful engagement with all stakeholders – from business, to technical