10 Steps to Successful Business Alignment

10 Steps to Successful Business Alignment                                                                                              10 Steps to Successful Business Alignment

By Patricia Pulliam Phillips & Jack J. Phillips

Defining business alignment as the process of “ensuring that a new project, programme or process is connected directly to business impact measures, usually expressed in terms such as output, quality, cost or time”, 10 Steps to Successful Business Alignment offers concrete input, detailed suggestions and pragmatic know-how on how to plan for, implement and maintain effective alignment for projects of nearly every size and scope.  This book shows how to connect projects to business measures and how to maintain alignment with those measures throughout a project’s entire life cycle.

Some of the topics on which this volume drills down into useful specifics include:

  • the proper ways to clarify and manage expectations of the alignment process
  • a discussion of the factors that contribute to the success of alignment
  • a detailed, highly objective review of how to measure the impact of alignment
  • the most effect ways to report and communicate your results

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