Investing In Your Company’s Human Capital

Investing In Your Company’s Human Capital: Strategies To Avoid Spending Too Little – Or Too Much

Investing in Human CapitalBy Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D. and with a foreword by Jac Fitz-enz, this book presents five strategies for establishing appropriate levels of investment—monetary and otherwise—in workforce initiatives. The book addresses four overarching questions:

        • How much should you invest in human capital, and is it possible to spend too much?
        • Why is it important to invest (and invest properly) in human capital?
        • What measures should be monitored?  (Jack identifies 24.)
        • What are the roles of the CEO and other executives and senior team members?

A practical approach to an often mishandled asset, Investing in Your Company’s Human Capital is a valuable tool for establishing and maintaining appropriate investments throughout your enterprise – and for driving its bottom line.

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