Measuring the Success of Sales Training

Measuring the Success of Sales Training

Measuring Success of Sales TrainingBy Patricia Pulliam Philliips, PhD, Jack J. Phillips, PhD with Rachel Robinson

From renowned ROI experts Jack and Patti Phillips, Measuring the Success of Sales Training outlines how to measure the return on investment of sales training programs and provides real-life case studies that demonstrate how to apply the principles of the ROI Methodology when evaluating these programmes. This title is the second in a series of books on measuring impact and calculating ROI. The first, Measuring the Success of Coaching (2012), focuses on evaluating coaching programs. The third title in the series is Measuring the Success of Organization Development (2013), which examines the strategic role of organisational development (OD) and how to measure the effects of OD efforts. Each book in the series explains the concept of ROI and the steps involved in accurate measurement, while also presenting real-life case studies that show evaluation in action.

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