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The Organizational Excellence Specialists consortium is devoted to developing professionals in the Organizational Excellence Framework, a platform for long-term organisational success that is applicable to any size and type of organisation.

The Framework is unique in that it ‘consolidates’ the principles and best management practices of leading excellence models and provides ‘implementation guidelines’ for the user. For over 20 years, global research has validated the positive relationship between implementing an excellence model and improving organisational performance.

Certified and Registered Organizational Excellence Specialists work with organisations across the public, private, and non-profit sectors to improve their performance and collectively make a positive contribution to productivity. Today, the Framework is being used by professionals in over 20 countries.

Complete Learning Solutions Ltd is licensed and has exclusive rights to deliver related services in New Zealand.

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Take an assessment!

Three assessments are available through a Licensed Professional:

Teaser Assessment

Allows any number of employees in the organisation to participate in a self-assessment against 9 principles that depict a culture committed to excellence. The assessment takes 5 minutes to complete. A brief feedback report is available that shares the assessment ratings and highlights the direct relationships with the best management practices.

Full Assessment

Allows any number of employees in the organisation to participate in a self-assessment against the principles and best management practices common to high performing organisations. The assessment takes between 20 and 40 minutes to complete depending on organisation size. Brief and detailed feedback reports are available. The brief report provides a snapshot of the ratings and highlights strengths and opportunities for improvement. The detailed  report shares assessment ratings, open-ended comments and an action-oriented improvement plan to address gaps.

Third-Party Full Assessment

Provides an independent and objective assessment and delivers a Certificate of Completion and detailed feedback report. Upon request, the detailed feedback report can be further augmented with analysis, recommendations and best-in-class examples. 

Find out more about what the Organizational Excellence Framework can do for you by watching the videos below.

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