The Leadership Scorecard

The Leadership Scorecard by Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D. & Lynn Schmidt

The Leadership Scorecard $40.00NZ

Strong leaders are essential to business success, which makes leadership development a business imperative in today’s competitive environment. Leaders are needed who can do more than manage -leaders are needed who can make a business great. In addition, there is increasing pressure on organisations to demonstrate the wise investment of development dollars. This requires the effective use of leadership development methods, as well as the ability to demonstrate the success of those methods. The Leadership Scorecard combines an explanation and discussion on best practice leadership development methods and incorporates ROI measurement and evaluation methodology.

The LeadershipScorecard is of interest to CEOs, executives, managers and professionals involved in leadership development, coaching and mentoring programmes, action learning projects, and training and performance improvement. Features include:

  • Scorecard model in a step-by-step process
  • Case studies integrated throughout the chapters to support application in an organisational setting
  • Proven measurement and evaluation techniques

Written by two of the most well respected authors in the field, this important book makes a case that strong leadership does have an impact on the bottom line and outlines the benefits to the organisation of implementing a leadership scorecard.