The finger food was fabulous, the wine and OJ flowed and it was great to catch up with L&D clients, friends and colleagues at our recent Docebo Connect event. As an official Docebo LMS New Zealand partner, we are passionate about this outstanding cloud-based learning management system because it’s so easy and cost-effective to use. Naturally, we wanted to share these latest updates. Nikki Egene from Stihl Shop NZ and Christie Hutt from Tower Insurance gave interesting and insightful presentations about their Docebo experiences (more on those in a future blog). A couple of Docebo experts also joined us – one in person and one via video link – and shared the latest news. They said their research showed that organisations typically use Docebo LMS for the following purposes:
  • 54% – employee onboarding
  • 40% – professional development
  • 39% – customer enablement
  • 24% – sales enablement
  • 17% – compliance training
  • 17% – partner enablement
Overall, Docebo users apply it to internal training 50% of the time, external training 26% and for hybrid internal/external purposes 24%. It is a truly versatile LMS. Docebo anticipates hybridised usage will continue to rise as organisations increasingly take a holistic approach to L&D, which goes beyond employees to include customers and suppliers. As the world’s leading LMS, Docebo is always looking at ways to further extend its offering. As a result, it has set the LMS application priorities for the coming year, including: Introducing artificial intelligence (AI) powered learning: By the end of 2019, there will be end-to-end AI-based learning on the Docebo LMS platform, significantly reducing administration time and enabling much more granular reporting. Adding more social and collaboration tools: Docebo is looking to further enhance their informal learning app “Coach & Share” that enables collaborative and social learning. In addition, Docebo has recently updated its Mobile delivery: Docebo’s new mobile app is out with a much-improved user experience. As Docebo’s developments show, it’s an exciting time to be working in the L&D field! And we had a great night as you can see from some of our pictures below: