AI-powered learning content creation is all the buzz these days but getting the best value and optimum results can be time-consuming and expensive. That is where Docebo Shape comes into the picture by letting you create AI-based learning and performance support content in minutes (yes, you did read that correctly) from your pre-existing content.

Docebo Shape content can be played in any learning management system (LMS) or learning platform that supports xAPI content. This makes it easy to share e-learning content across several channels and distribute it to multiple target audiences.

It can be used in a variety of contexts. Its AI-based content tool makes it easy to turn pre-existing source materials (for example: case studies, online articles, PowerPoint presentations, or white papers) into employee training, quick tutorials, and how-to videos. These can be used for e-learning or to add engaging content to other channels like emails.

No content authority expertise needed with Docebo Shape!

Content makes or breaks a learning programme, so it is important to get the content right from the outset. Rather than being an e-learning content authoring tool, Docebo Shape streamlines how the new content is developed and designed.

It does this by drawing on pre-existing materials to curate new training content. This is great news because content authoring tools typically take months to master and focus on creating full e-learning course content, which may take days to create.

Docebo Shape also allows organisations to create less formal, microlearning content. This content can be plugged into several contexts and channels within minutes, boosting learning content engagement and giving time back to internal content creators and subject matter experts.

Hyper-personalised content can also be curated quickly and cheaply and shared directly in your learning platform.  

Cheaper, faster, easier content development, delivery, maintenance, analysis

Unlike other AI-Powered content creation tools, Docebo Shape is specifically geared towards learning solutions, rather than (as is often the case) marketing. Using this impressive tool will save hours and slash L&D content production costs by curating and sharing hyper-personalised learning content, in different styles and in multiple channels or platforms.

It is quick and easy to master, with no special skills needed. After that, you are on your way to creating customised content to share across multiple audiences, in multiple languages and on multiple platforms. Once source material has been plugged in, Shape’s AI-based capabilities take care of 95% of the development, delivery, maintenance, and analysis work.

Importantly, the tool’s analytics will pinpoint where in the content learners are most and least engaged, and what their behaviour is within that content.

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